Thursday, July 12, 2012

Style Crush: Olivia Palermo

There's something about each and every outfit she puts on. They always look perfect, and they're effortlessly yet perfectly coordinated and balanced. The key to her style is balancing simple with statement pieces, and making even a simple set of skinny jeans & sweater look great. 

She always compliments her outfit, with well made hair, even if that means a simple pin backed look, and accessories, even if that means a necklace or a couple bracelets. Those few additions can take your mundane look to a olivia-palermo-esque one. Keep your make up natural and minimal-looking on an everyday bases to accentuate and bring out your natural features & beauty. Never be afraid to wear a statement piece or pop of color!

1. bauble bar | silver stud bracelet
2. bauble bar | peony statement necklace
3. rag & bone | tuxedo cotton blend blazer
4. J.Crew | lulu python bright red flats

pictures via pinterest


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  2. she really is very stylish!

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